Find Your Motivation (It won’t find you).

I was listening in the dark to a live stream from Rachel Hollis this morning before I was hustled out of bed to feed all the babes. I only made it half way (will finish later!), but it was so good!

How often do you feel naturally motivated? Like with no help. This is a hard one for me since I battle the whole anxiety/depression thing, so before meds I guess I felt naturally motivated like negative-never. But now that I’m a little more balanced, I’d say I feel NATURALLY motivated a more “normal” amount: kind of- sometimes. I was very much the type of person who’d get on a realllll 20-minute-high of being so excited to make a BIG CHANGE, a WHOLE NEW ME. I’d go buy all my supplies. I remember buying a sweet new pair of running shoes. I was going to be a runner. A runner! Just like my husband, just like my good friend. But then came time to DO IT and I was like, meh, I don’t wanna. Or I’d get on it for like a week and it would fizzle. Or, I would even convince myself there were legit reasons why I just couldn’t make the commitment that day: A, B, C, D, E, and F had to come first.

But guess what I learned? If I put ME first, I can do A, B, C, D, E, and F even BETTER. And with less pent up irritability or mom rage because I’d been trying to pour love, attention, guidance, and cereal from an empty cup. Now this doesn’t mean, well, I’m not going to spend time with my kids because I come first. Or that I’m not going to cook for or feed my family because I’m gonna be getting some me time in. What it means, is that we all have the same number of hours in the day. You can get up an hour earlier (you won’t die…I still think I will, so I’m working on that.) You can carve out that time for you and still get the other stuff done.

But don’t wait for the motivation to find you. To lift you up off the couch. To revive you with energy after a full shift at work. Don’t wait for the motivation to seek you out, drag you out of bed, lift your finger, and make you press play. It won’t.

Motivation doesn’t have a brain. It’s can’t do any of that for you.

It’s all you.

YOU have to make the commitment to you. And then you have to remember WHY YOU made the commitment and keep doing it until you form a habit. And if you keep doing THAT, it gets easier and becomes a lifestyle. And then, and only then, are you a whole, new you!!!


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