Sooo, this is how I paint my nails these days.

I mean, so if you paint your nails the traditional way (you know, all at once), if you’re factoring in a base coat, two regular coats, a top coat, and sufficient dry time, we’re talking over an hour for perfect nails.

Yeah, my 19-month-old diaper wearing, non-walker, laughs in the face of this little task. So does my 5 year old, who needs me to wipe his buns like ten times a day. Not even joking. So does Harriet the cat, who’s furry self is constantly needing to be removed from the countertops and dining room table.

My 10 and almost 8-year-old are pretty much cool with me letting my nails air dry, but I can’t get the others on board yet, so I just paint two at a time throughout the course of two days. You can get tons accomplished with a hand and half and honestly, I’m still just too involved in my littles’ bathroom shenanigans. Genius, right?
My point here is that it’s just plain harder to squeeze in self-love and self-care once you’re a Mama.

You don’t even have to be a Mom! Maybe you have an insane career, or lots of pets to care for after work, or maybe you’re just one of those people who are just naturally huge givers and always put themselves last on the list.

Whatever the reason may be, loving yourself and ACTIVELY loving yourself is so important. Don’t get in the cycle of not actively loving yourself. I know you have a million kids and are in the trenches all day. I know you work 12-hour shifts. I know your schedule is crammed with so many classes and piles of homework. I know you think you’ll be just fine; you have others to take of; there’s not enough time.

But guess what….

Like I love to say, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Your health IS important. And you can’t do any of the things above with an empty cup and waning health. I used to try and it’s really, really draining.

I’m happy to share that we are doing a really fun and self-love/self-care themed accountability group for February called Galentine’s Day! This month would be a really fun month to join! I, along with a handful of wonderfully kind and motivating coaches, would love to help you along on your fitness, clean eating, and all around wellness journey!! We are all REAL LIFE people, some of the best gals I’ve met!

Please, be MY GALENTINE for this February!! Message me or comment for details ❤

And P.S. for you folks that aren’t super into logging into Facebook, we will be trying something different this month and using the free Beachbody My challenge Tracker App!img_8223

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