I wanted to give you all a tiny peek into what our Beachbody accountability group looks like. Partly because it’s just plain awesome and motivating (and no, you do not HAVE to be a part of it if you sign up for BB, but it IS an added bonus 😊 ) and partly because it really resonated with topics I have been talking about with my kids in our home.

Self-talk is so important and not addressed often enough. We assume, as adults, that we KNOW THINGS, but I truly think that so many of us struggle with this still. Even though we are grown, our minds still hang on to habits, some we don’t even realize. I am one of these adults!! There are a few things I just know I’m plain awesome at. There are other things I’m not. There are things that I don’t even know if I’m good at because my head might tell me it’s too scary or I might fail or I just CAN’T.

The other day, my sweet Brendan was caught holding the cat up high into the air with one hand and then like WWE body slamming her on the bed…WTH? I don’t even know, eye roll, headshake. I do know he wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt her, but not a good idea none the less. Anyways, when I asked him why he was doing that, he paused and shook his head, and said that he didn’t know, he was just dumb. Now, this boy is the sweetest, smartest, most perfect specimen of a 10-year-old kid (okay, I’m his mom, but still, he pretty much is). He most certainly isn’t dumb by any means. So, I had to explain to him and Emmy, who was hovering around, that he needed to look at the facts. Is he really dumb? No. But also, that if he starts talking about himself like that, even if it’s not true and especially at a young age, that he is going to start believing it. It’s going to become the devil, versus the angel, on his little shoulder.

The more we start inviting that kind of self-talk into our heads, the more it’s going to seem commonplace. The more it’s going to become an excuse. The more it’s going to become that horrible little voice in our mind that wins over in our lives, our choices, our relationships, our goals.

You are the one person that will always be on your team! The one person who has the power to make your life a good one. Don’t invite this nasty self-speak into your world. Don’t magnify the negativity when it’s unnecessary. Talk to your self the way you would talk to your best friend. There may be times when you need to be your own best friend. Train yourself to talk like one! untitled

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