Still Obsessed

80 Day Obsession may be over but I’m still so obsessed!!! Also, it may have taken me closer to 100 days, but whatevs. Seriously though, what a good chunk of my life. I already feel homesick for it!

I think maybe two or three months before I started this program, I tried its introduction (A Little Obsessed), did about a minute of it, and was like oh helllll no, not yet. My core strength was still shot from having my fourth baby and honestly, I still felt like if it felt uncomfortable or burned really bad, then it meant I couldn’t do it. So, looking back, and knowing what I know now about myself and working out, I think if I would have started then I could have used the modifier for a bit, but then I would have been fine. I ended up doing ChaLEAN Extreme and then coming back to 80 Day, so it all worked out.

So many of you may be wondering why I seemed addicted, or…obsessed, and strangely emotionally in tune with this program. (And after talking to others I’ve found that I’m not the only one!) I’ve really been sitting here trying to figure out what it was exactly. I’ve done a few other Beachbody programs now and they were fantastic. I even loved them. But nothing like this. It’s not the length, because ChaLEAN was actually 90 days. It’s something about Autumn, the trainer. She makes you push and push and push. The things she says are truly motivating. Not only for fitness but for real life. She made me think about WHY I was doing this. What I wanted out of it. Why I wanted to finish. How I would feel if I didn’t. But also, WHY am I doing life? What do I want out of it? Why do I want to finish it? How would I feel if I did or didn’t do certain things? Just a lot of deep thinking. On a more typical level, I feel more educated on lifting, safety, and form. I went 80 Days with a super shitty ankle and didn’t get injured or ever take time off for pain (only for real life and laziness *shrug*). And guess what, on Day 81 I still woke up sore. (P.S. this is a good thing!!) If you commit to these programs, they set you up for success. See ya, plateaus!!

Autumn also reiterates what we teach in our monthly accountability groups, which was awesome!! Become a distant friend of the scale!!!! Focus on your strength, your energy, the example you set for your kids, your mood, your goals, creating a nutrition plan that sets you up to be more likely to live a disease-free life! The idea of having a “beach body” is only a bonus to me. I’d take the good feels over it any day.

It takes a long time for habits to form and really stick. They say 21 days-ish, but it takes me longer. Our monthly accountability groups and this program teaches/taught me things at a real-life pace. You come to know your learning style and what you need to be successful. I tell my people joining our groups, please let me add you. You don’t have to say a word if you don’t want to. Just watch and learn from everyone. And now I’m seeing these ladies participate and become examples for the next little generation of newbies. It’s truly awesome and pays me back tenfold.

So, the well anticipated tears that I experienced yesterday on Day 80 were those of pride and accomplishment. They were tears of even though I battle through anxiety and depression and motherhood and days without enough hours, that I still finished, and finished strong. I made a commitment, to ME (remember her? Or him?). I carved out time on days that sometimes seem to only have enough time for everyone else, for me. Because, I cannot pour from an empty cup. I am better to everyone else in my life if I put me at the top of the list (at least for an hour a day 😊 ) I’m worth it and so are you!

Upward and onward to…. A Little More Obsessed!


6 thoughts on “Still Obsessed

  1. I’m truly looking up to you Ashley!! It’s been awesome to see this change you, and not just on the outside!!! I think the inside change has been the biggest draw for me. I’m excited to see where this leads!!❤️


  2. Thanks for this, Ashley! I’m going to start with A Little Obsessed today, and hoping I can keep up with the modifier and not hurt myself. I’ve appreciated watching you go on this journey!

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