Thanksgiving 2018

I knew the holiday today was already going to feel a little off since Matt is sleeping days and working nights. We celebrated with half the family last weekend and will celebrate with the other half this weekend so I was already mostly prepared to be doing nothing today. Still so weird to look outside and imagine everyone in their homes doing all the Thanksgiving things, but really, I’m good.
I didn’t know though, that Rose was going to be up all night last night all congested, with a fever, and super angry. If you know Rose at all, you can guess that Rose doesn’t DO congestion and fevers. So, we watched Love Actually in the middle of the night and the news early this morning, and then the Macy’s Day Parade. All my hats are off to you mothers of newborns. I already forgot how hard it is!
The kids spent most of the day fighting over which video game show to watch (you know, the really stupid ones where someone else is playing the video game while your kids watch? So dumb) until finally I’d had it and said that it was Thanksgiving and we’re watching festive shows all day. Rowen ran into his room scream sobbing and slammed the door while the rest us of put on Polar Express.

I had previously considered cooking a Thanksgiving meal for my little family, setting the table all pretty with little name cards blah blah, and then realized no one would eat any of it anyways so I made us a fine holiday meal of tacos, the only meal all 6 of us like. After making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen with koala baby Rose on my hip, I was really looking forward to a glass of wine. Emmy came up to me beaming with joy and was quick to inform me of a note she had made to leave on the tree overnight asking the Elves to please make their appearance tomorrow. Yay. I’m out of excuses for them not to have come yet. Watch out Wizard Elf and Snowflower, our new kitten climbs half way up the tree and takes a nap.

After that I thought Rose might like a warm bath since she’s been wiping snot in her eyes and hair all day. I sat down on the toilet lid while the water ran, when Rowen came running up to me asking if we could still have hot cocoa in our new mugs tonight since it was Thanksgiving. I look over at Rose to see her shitting in the bathtub. Of course, she is terrified and screaming bloody murder while trying to grab her turds and throw them away from her. I quickly grabbed my phone to take a Marco Polo of it for Matt, and got her washed, calmed down, and out of the tub. Emmy babysat while I bleached in the bathroom.
Forgetting to grab some wine, I plopped down on the couch next to Rowen who gave me the sweetest smile, rested his head on my shoulder and said, “Is the hot chocolate almost done ‘cause I don’t see you cookin’ it.”

I am super thankful for everything I have every single day, but seriously, what in the actual F?


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